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Established in 1977, Sierra Display Fixtures is based in Carson City, Nevada. It is a commercial casework and retail display fixture manufacturer. We ship cabinets and displays all over the United States.

In 1996 SDF invested in cabinet manufacturing software. In September of 1997 we purchased a computerized panel saw, straight line edge-bander and a point to point milling machine. SDF builds every job in the computer first. We then optimize all the parts and pieces for the best yield and generate all the code for milling. Every part of every product is labeled at the saw as to the job it belongs to, part of the product it is, edges of the part that need edge tape, and a bar code with the file for machining at the point to point.

At SDF our focus is organization and speed of delivery. We pride ourselves on the systems we have developed to aid our customers in laying out retail and commercial casework projects. By providing our customers with an extremely effective method of communication we have allowed them to harness our internal systems and automation. This allows our customers to get projects to their customers quickly and accurately.

We are passionate about building commercial casework and retail display fixtures. Our employees are hard working, self motivated, well trained and excited about building your project.

Working at SDF is like being part of a family, a family that has common values and common purpose. We have a great work environment, enjoy each other and function well as a team.

We are dedicated to your success and look forward to serving you and your company.


Want to complete your project on time and under budget?

Use the SDF System!

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