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Affiliate FAQs

Q. What is an SDF Affilitate?

A.  An SDF Affiliate is a professional who works with architects, designers, business  owners and or retailers to develop retail spaces.

Q. What is the investment needed?

A.  Excel and Cad are needed in order to use the layout tools and Proposal Pages we provide. Beyond that there is no needed investment.

Q. What tools are needed?

A.  Most installations require only minor hand tools and a small selection of power  tools.

Q. What is manufacturing lead time?

A. Lead time has several variables but usually runs 8 to 12 weeks. Some of the variables that affect lead time are, Deposits (Materials are not purchased without a deposit). Lead time on materials you have selected, size of your project and existing jobs on the schedule.

Q. What Layout tools do you offer?

A.  A custom Proposal template is provided for filling out orders. We also provide a block, elevation and cross section library for ease of communication to your customers and installers.

Q. What about territories?

A.  Affiliates can do business anywhere they desire; there are no exclusive territories.

Q. What about volume discounts.

A.  Affiliate pricing is based on two things. First and foremost price is affected by volume. Secondly pricing is better for customers who demonstrate they understand the system and place correctly formatted orders.

Q. How Does Pricing Work?

A.  Pricing is clearly spelled out on the Proposal Template for standard items and colors. Custom items and material require individual quotes.

Q. What if I have questions about design or layout?

A.  We have staff members that can assist and advise you. 775-246-7200.

Q. What about marketing?

A.  We make all our fixture photos, drawings and literature available to you for your marketing efforts.

Q. How do I get started?

A.  Fill out and submit the Dealer Application and or contact us at


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