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The proprietary Retail Fixturing System, manufactured by Sierra Display Fixtures, is engineered to maximize the greatest amount of retail merchandising area possible.  Utilizing modern design methods, the Retail Fixturing System has multilinking capabilities.  For you as the designer, you now have a very tangible Retail Fixturing System that can be drawn into plans via a CAD software program, or you can simply use our Retail Design Sheet to pencil out your ideas and we will return a 3-D Rendering and project quotation.  (Sierra Display Fixtures can provide a CAD ready file that contains each part of the Retail Fixturing System, allowing for “drag-n-drop” design.)

The design process is truly quite simple.  Whether you have a run of 3 or 300 fixtures, a center aisle of book shelves, or an entire store to layout, the proprietary Retail Fixturing System is a snap to design.  By simply providing the height dimension, the type of shelving, whether you would like slatwall (available on the endcaps and internal panels) and the color or material that you would like built, we will bring your design to life!

To make your job a bit easier, we have developed a method of capturing your design on paper.  By simply describing to us the special elements of the environment that will receive the Retail Fixtures, our staff will take care of the design details and return a CAD drawing, complete with details and a project quotation.  The standard internal width of our retail fixtures is 29.25”, the standard heights are 60” and 90”, and the standard depths are 12“ and 24” (24“ for Aisle Retail Fixtures). Both the width and the height can be adjusted to suit your particular design needs.  To accommodate the potential of slatwall, the height must be adjusted in 3.0” increments.  Standard shelving configurations are flat, angled, or tiered.  Standard shelving materials are laminate, acrylic, and metal.

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