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Q. What retail environments are the SDF Fixture Systems best suited for?

A. Our fixtures have been successfully used to fixture; Novelty Shops, Golf Pro Shops, Video Stores, Music Outlets, Clothing and Shoe Stores, Book Stores, Pawn Shops, Concession Shops, Libraries and many other retail related environments.

Q. What are the unique features of the SDF Fixture System?

A. SDF Display Fixtures are unique in that they are designed to display a wide range of different product types. It is also unique in that the Feature Counters, Partitions and Slatwall Boxes that we offer allow for custom design elements without the necessity of excessive design costs.

Q. How do I get Fixtures and Cabinets?

A. Fixtures are manufactured at our Nevada based plant and is distributed through a network of trained professionals. For dealer information call 775-246-7200.

Q. How long does it take to get Fixtures from SDF?

A. Products ordered in stock materials normally ship in 3 to 5 weeks. We also offer an Expedite and Expedite Plus service. Ask about these services if you need fixtures in an unusually short time frame.


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