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Shelving Options
Name Wood Flat Shelf
Model# 04BW90WF
Dimensions 29-1/8” wide (also available 24” wide) 11” depth ¾” high
24” wide

Name Metal Flat Shelf (Powder Coated Black)
Model# 04BW90SF
Dimensions 29-1/8” wide (Also available24” wide) 11: depth ¾” high
Application Merchandises most products requiring flat shelf stocking. Shoes, Folded Clothing, Bottles, Boxes, Etc.

Name Wood Angled Shelf
Model# 06BW90WB
Dimensions 29-1/8“wide (Also available 24” wide) 6-7/16” usable depth 8-1/2“ high Shelf back
24” wide

Name Metal Angled Shelf (Powder Coated Black)
Model# 04B160SB
Dimensions 29-1/8” wide (Not available 24” wide) 7-1/4“ depth 7-1/4“ high
Application Merchandises Books, CDs and DVDs

Name DVD Angled Insert (Use with Wood Angle 04BW90WB or Metal Angle 04B160SB)
Model# 03DA30FX
Dimensions 28-13/16” wide 6” high
Application Merchandises CDs and DVDs at an angle.

Name Metal Tier Shelf (Powder Coated Black)
Model# 04B160ST
Dimensions 29-1/8” wide 3” depth 27-1/2 “ high
Application Merchandises Magazines, Coloring Books, Periodicals

Name Metal CD Shelf
Model# 04CD48SC
Dimensions 29-1/8” wide 7-5/8” depth 3-1/2” high
Application Merchandises CDs

Name Acrylic Flat Shelf includes (2) Slatwall Shelf Arms
Model# 04BW90AF
Dimensions 29-1/8” wide (Also available 24” wide) 10” depth ¼” thick
Application Merchandises Gift and Novelty Products


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